There is no ‘I’ in Team

For a group of people to succeed they must work together.  Henry Ford once said: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”  Nowhere is such an ethos more evident than with the most famous team of all, The A Team.  The A Team are the vanguard of group cohesion and collective success.  The A Team’s reputation speaks for itself and they stand as a gleaming example for the rest of us to follow.

In the world of business people often work within a team, and to achieve success it is imperative that they work well together.  It is important that you have the right people in the team; businesses will invest some time in team building events.  These events, if done well, encourage people to work together to accomplish a task or a challenge.  Above all a team building event is a decent excuse for time spent outside the office not doing work.

Businesses spend lots of cash on team building events and need to invest in the right ideas; they should take their inspiration from The A Team.

The A Team’s success can be partly explained due to their diversity.  The team is made up of individuals of mixed skills and abilities, all of them have very different personality traits.  This diversity keeps the team balanced and grounded.  The A Team is an excellent example, we must embrace difference; every team member has a voice and have a unique part to play in group success.  The A Team were privileged as by chance their group dynamics was such that they consistently achieved success.

For teamworking to be improved for the good of the team and the company, businesses must adopt new ways to engage their team members.  Taking inspiration from The A Team, here follows some top tips to making your team building event a success:

Center the event on a challenge to be accomplished

Too often team building events don’t include a big enough challenge for the participants.  The idea is to design an activity that includes a high degree of problem solving to get the team thinking.  One such scenario could be that the team be set the task of having to build something out of the materials provided, to make good their escape and defeat an opposing enemy.  The team, for example, could be provided with an old Austin Metro and using the odd bit of scrap metal, turn the car into a fully armoured vehicle complete with rotating gun turret.

Ensure the event contains a variety of key skills

It is no good having a team building session with the team ‘know-it-all’ taking over the show.  The danger these people pose using Oxyacetylene kits could prove to be damaging to team morale.  The A Team were a success because all of them had a part to play; Murdock was able maintain team morale using his zany and annoying behaviour.  Some people will be natural leaders and will be able to coordinate the team.  People with good planning skills will be best used to plan.  Others will be practical: able to rewire a plug and also know how to mount a machine gun to the roof of a car.

Try to take the participants outside of their comfort zone

Nothing is learned by staying in your same surroundings.  ‘Face’ was able to charm his way with the women and B.A. Baracus could lift very heavy items, but there is no reason, after some practice, they couldn’t swap roles.  While the team is making good their escape in the modified Austin Metro, a full-on gun fight should get the team out of their comfort zone.  If you have never fired a gun before, returning fire with a semi-automatic rifle will be an exhilarating experience.  There’s nothing like live ammunition to get your teams blood pumping.

If you have a team and no one else can help, perhaps they could do with some inspiration.  This task should get them involved, working together and running around like crazy fools.

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