101 trendy lists to live your life by

It seems that we love to make lists.  We make lists that enable us to understand both what we have achieved in life, and what we have yet to: Bucket lists are a popular form of list for this very reason.   Over the years television list shows have gained in popularity, possibly due to the heady mix of TV and lists.

To celebrate Supermarket People’s 101st blog post, here is our very own list: 101, one hundred & one lists of varying topics.

NB: This list of 101 is actually a list of 102.

101 alternetive ways to spot spelling mistakes in your work.
101 things to do with a live chicken.
101 things to do with a dead chicken.
101 ways of making someone else feel you are listening to them.
101 reasons to become agoraphobic.
101 reasons to get outside.
101 ways to skin a cat.
101 people to avoid.
101 cities to visit beginning with the letter R.
101 excuses for not meeting a work deadline.
101 things to look at on google street view.
101 things to blame if something goes wrong.
101 reasons to justify criminal activity.
101 things to do while holding on the phone.
101 sexual positions to perform in an aircraft latrine.
101 chords to play on a guitar.
101 ways to feign interest in a subject you care nothing about.
101 movies to watch before you go to bed.
101 abusive phrases to shout at the driver who just cut you up.
101 methods to win an argument about religion.
101 things to do while sat on the toilet.
101 ways to die before you die.
101 ways to smile at a photograph of cute kitten.
101 tips for becoming better at being spontanious.
101 subtle ways of telling your partner that you no longer love them.
101 memories that you forgot you ever had.
101 drunk moments you swore you would never repeat.
101 things to write in chalk on a blackboard.
101 objects to hit with sticks to make a percussive sound.
101 ways to paint a boat in a harbour using watercolours.
101 chat up lines guarenteed to fail.
101 questions to ask a vicar.
101 things to do before someone else says they did it first.
101 ways to count to 5.
101 tips for making a perfect cup of tea.
101 things that you probably didn’t know about apples.
101 signs that all your work colleagues despise you.
101 ways to sell ice to Eskimos.
101 ways to obtain photographs of a woman’s breasts without consent.
101 alternative uses for compact discs.
101 ways to waste an entire day.
101 examples of spin.

101 pizza toppings.
101 musicians you should avoid seeing live.
101 things to say to people while in a queue.
101 ways to get your whites whiter than white.
101 reasons to be undecided about which profile picture to choose.
101 faces of David Blunkett.
101 faces of David Blunkett’s dog.
101 things not to do near an electricity pylon.
101 addictions.
101 reasons for a party.
101 reasons for driving at 80 mph rather than 70mph.
101 defenses for a bigoted attitude.
101 ways of pretending you understand what someone is telling you.
101 ways to defend this.
101 things to do to someone sleepwalking.
101 ways to tell someone they’ve been fired.
101 reasons for refusing to pay the bill.
101 pointless tweets.
101 egos too large for humour to be a valid form of expression.
101 things to ask a ghost.
101 elements.
101 very motivational speeches.
101 reasons to stop reading this list.
101 targets never met.
101 colours beginning with the letter G
101 biscuits that must be dipped to be fully enjoyed.
101 things to shout at a football match.
101 ways to explain the meaning of David Cameron.
101 snacks to eat while watching a movie at the cinema.
101 innocuous comments interpreted to mean more than intended.
101 un-moving ‘BREAKING NEWS’ headlines.
101 reasons never to cook fish fingers in a toaster.
101 ways to tell a paedophile they are wrong.
101 ways to eat a Twix.
101 shapes to bust out on the dance floor.
101 ways to make your neighbours like you.
101 examples of bad table manners.
101 names not to name your child.
101 failed job interviews.
101 souls lost in an ocean of single mindedness.
101 ways to open a bottle of wine without an opener.
101 ways to get to Alcatraz Island.
101 things to write home about.
101 sauces to dip your chip into.
101 advantages to putting the cart before the horse.
101 numbers that add up to 37.
101 ways to appear sincere.
101 ways to look cooler than you actually are.
101 rash judgements made on other people.
101 foods to make your eyes water.
101 cosmetic procedures designed to take 6 – 8 years off.
101 reasons to buy extra soft toilet paper rather than a cheaper roll.
101 reasons for turning the volume up to 11.
101 starters to eat before the main course.
101 secrets you will never know.
101 causes of a mental breakdown.
101 ‘likes’ that never were.
101 green bottles sitting on a wall.
101 management phrases that managers pretend to understand.
101 words better left unspoken.

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